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You will Balance Your Work and Home Life

View time as concrete. Become time efficient, and get more done with ease.

Your Grounding and Self-Confidence

Become self-aware.   Gain control over your emotions. 

Create Your Calm Space

Learn de-cluttering tools.   Set up systems for your paperwork in your  office. Create your focus and grounding.

Your Clarity and Focus

Improve your decision making skills.  Understand how to conquer perfectionism.  Learn how to move forward with your life’s goals.

Complete your Projects

Start projects that are boring or complicated.  Reach deadlines on time with calm and ease. Increase your self-esteem with your increased productivity.

Create Your Newfound Energy

You will understand how your brain works best, and how to maintain your motivation when things get tough through to the finish line.

What our clients say

I have only had four sessions on the Focus Success Program so far. I have gained more from these four sessions than all the self-help books I have read over the years. My home is full of self-help books! These four sessions have helped me more than the various programs I have signed up for over the years. I now see that an organised home leads to an organised brain.- Julie Friedman USA
I had 6 months on the Vision Success Program.. Before I started, I was totally overwhelmed. I learnt how to manage my time better. When I am faced with a challenge, I now think differently and come up with new solutions. I don't get fazed by LIFE!! I was very ill for a few days, and my family couldn't believe how calm and focused I was. I did not get sucked into the negative talk, which was a permanent part of my life. I learned to be solution oriented, and goal focused. I have expanded my business, and earn far more than what I could imagine.- Judy Rosenfeld, London
After a series of Time Management sessions geared to my unique brain wiring, I never had such a smooth summer holidays! There was daily flowing routine that was so calming for myself and my children. The last week of the summer holidays I used to the optimum level before the children went back to school and I started work. I feel so accomplished and empowered, it’s incredible. I can finally look myself in the mirror, and genuinely like what I see! - Frida Yoast, London
On the outside I look the picture of perfection. Before I started coaching, I was constantly stressed, unfocused and overwhelmed. I had very high expectations of myself, always beating myself up for not achieving everything I had to do. Through coaching I learned how to lower my expectations and still get my jobs done. I learned to value myself for who I am, not for my accomplishments. I learned practical tools how to become more efficient in life. I was always comparing myself to my family members, and eating myself up because I could never reach their levels of success. Through coaching I discovered that there is no ''one size fits all. By lowering my expectations I actually became more efficient.- Riva Shultz, London
I am a regular put together high school teacher. I am in my early twenties, and I Have one child. You would never know from seeing me that I have ADD. I was diagnosed with depression after my last baby was born. I was on 200mg of anti-depressants. My doctors wanted me to lessen the medication, and go off it entirely. I wanted to go off the meds, but could not see myself being able to wean myself off them. My depression was so severe, I envisioned myself being on a low dose of meds for life. I have recently started coaching. After only two sessions my symptoms improved so much, that under the guidance from my doctor, I lessened the meds to 150 mg. I am hopeful that I will soon be able to lessen them some more until I stop entirely! In the first two sessions Faigy explained to me that my challenges, and symptoms were classic ADD related. I had lived my entire life berating myself for my failures. I had wondered what was wrong with me, to the point of falling into severe depression. Faigy showed me the root of my challenges. I finally understood the “why” Many people with ADD, including myself are misdiagnosed with depression. The meds helped, but not to the extent that it could have, because I had the wrong medication. I now feel empowered and hopeful. I am the right path to success.- Esti Sultzbacher UK
After a series on the Focus Success Program, these are just a few changes that I have made. I feel empowered to follow my dreams. I have real tools that work, helping my ADHD son succeed at home and school. I used to let people ''walk all over me''; I have learned how to place healthy boundaries. I have more self respect. My self perception has completely changed, it is like night and day.- Miri Breuer, USA