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I have only had four sessions on the Focus Success Program so far. I have gained more from these four sessions than all the self-help books I have read over the years. My home is full of self-help books! These four sessions have helped me more than the various programs I have signed up for over the years. I now see that an organised home leads to an organised brain.- Julie Friedman USA
I had 6 months on the Vision Success Program.. Before I started, I was totally overwhelmed. I learnt how to manage my time better. When I am faced with a challenge, I now think differently and come up with new solutions. I don't get fazed by LIFE!! I was very ill for a few days, and my family couldn't believe how calm and focused I was. I did not get sucked into the negative talk, which was a permanent part of my life. I learned to be solution oriented, and goal focused. I have expanded my business, and earn far more than what I could imagine.- Judy Rosenfeld, London
After a series of Time Management sessions geared to my unique brain wiring, I never had such a smooth summer holidays! There was daily flowing routine that was so calming for myself and my children. The last week of the summer holidays I used to the optimum level before the children went back to school and I started work. I feel so accomplished and empowered, it’s incredible. I can finally look myself in the mirror, and genuinely like what I see! - Frida Yoast, London
On the outside I look the picture of perfection. Before I started coaching, I was constantly stressed, unfocused and overwhelmed. I had very high expectations of myself, always beating myself up for not achieving everything I had to do. Through coaching I learned how to lower my expectations and still get my jobs done. I learned to value myself for who I am, not for my accomplishments. I learned practical tools how to become more efficient in life. I was always comparing myself to my family members, and eating myself up because I could never reach their levels of success. Through coaching I discovered that there is no ''one size fits all. By lowering my expectations I actually became more efficient.- Riva Shultz, London
I am a regular put together high school teacher. I am in my early twenties, and I Have one child. You would never know from seeing me that I have ADD. I was diagnosed with depression after my last baby was born. I was on 200mg of anti-depressants. My doctors wanted me to lessen the medication, and go off it entirely. I wanted to go off the meds, but could not see myself being able to wean myself off them. My depression was so severe, I envisioned myself being on a low dose of meds for life. I have recently started coaching. After only two sessions my symptoms improved so much, that under the guidance from my doctor, I lessened the meds to 150 mg. I am hopeful that I will soon be able to lessen them some more until I stop entirely! In the first two sessions Faigy explained to me that my challenges, and symptoms were classic ADD related. I had lived my entire life berating myself for my failures. I had wondered what was wrong with me, to the point of falling into severe depression. Faigy showed me the root of my challenges. I finally understood the “why” Many people with ADD, including myself are misdiagnosed with depression. The meds helped, but not to the extent that it could have, because I had the wrong medication. I now feel empowered and hopeful. I am the right path to success.- Esti Sultzbacher UK
After a series on the Focus Success Program, these are just a few changes that I have made. I feel empowered to follow my dreams. I have real tools that work, helping my ADHD son succeed at home and school. I used to let people ''walk all over me''; I have learned how to place healthy boundaries. I have more self respect. My self perception has completely changed, it is like night and day.- Miri Breuer, USA