What makes your  ADHD coaching services unique from other coaching services?

We are the experts in ADD and ADHD management.

  1. Research has shown that behaviour is brain based. We bring up to date scientific knowledge about the brain to our clients. We bring answers to their questions.  Then we set up home, time  and life systems that are tailored to the neuro-biological needs of our clients.
  2. We specialise in simple, easily sustainable home and time solutions. These two areas are the secret to our success.

Our clients are those who want to understand the “why” of their challenges.  This knowledge brings liberation and true acceptance.

At Focus with Faigy  our clients reach their goals. We have full faith that you too will reach your goals.

Through coaching you will learn to recognize your strengths, and understand how to use your strengths to overcome your ADHD challenges.  You will set up systems to meet the challenges of everyday life with efficiency and confidence. Through coaching you will develop strategies and solutions to help you stay organised, focused, and calm as you bring peace and stability into your life and home.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Therapy brings you from the past to the present. Coaching focuses on the present and  propels you forward into your future.

I need help with time and home management. How do your sessions run?

You will choose a topic, and for your benefit, we will stay on that topic until you have mastered it. If you choose time management, we will stay on that topic until you have turned your new skills into habits. This is for your benefit.

How many sessions will I need?

ADD and ADHD are life long conditions.  ADD and ADHD affects every area of life. We recommend  weekly sessions for permanent long term change for the first year. After that time frame we reduce session to bi-weekly, and eventually once a month maintenance sessions. We have a flexible range of coaching packages to suit all budgets.  Contact us to find out more.

How is ADHD coaching different to other forms of coaching?

You will learn in-depth knowledge about your ADHD.  You will  be gently guided and  and held accountable  in your growth process.  I believe in your potential.

Maybe I don’t need coaching, maybe I need therapy?

Many callers tell us this. Therapy is great, however mental health professionals agree that for ADHD, coaching is the preferred treatment.

My problems are more emotional, how can your coaching help me?

Many callers tell us this. Honestly speaking, if you have challenges in any of the executive functions, you are bound to suffer from emotional problems.   Therapy will just provide a bandage to your emotional wounds. What you need is life skills. When you incorporate these vital life skills into your life, you will find your emotional problems lessening.

Why does coaching entail higher investment than therapy?

Therapy brings you from the past to the present. Our method of coaching teaches you life skills. These skills are crucial for  your life success.   You can’t learn these life skills in therapy.

I have tried so many therapies and interventions, I am really confused, what can you offer me to minimalise the risk I am taking with signing on?

We understand that you feel there is a risk involved with signing up. We have offers to minimise the risk of coaching sign up.  We offer a unique guarantee. Contact us 

I do have some time management and motivation challenges. I don’t know if I have  ADD/ADHD. However, I am coasting along pretty well. Why should I get help now?

Many of our clients suffer from “magical thinking”  They truly believe that their challenges will somehow magically improve one day without any intervention.  Please note that this never happens!

From your question it is evident that your skills may have served you up till this point.

The nature of life is that life gets busier and more stressful. As you progress in life, you will find that your skills are just not adequate to serve you. You will become more stressed, and more inefficient. Why wait until then?  Isn’t is better to be pro-active and upgrade your skills NOW?  You will benefit from increased life success. You will save yourself so much heartache and financial loss.

Through ADHD coaching you will find tools that really work to enhance your life success. You will upgrade your skills in home and time management and life success.

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