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I Am Faigy Liebermann


Faigy Liebermann ACC
 ADHD Consultant and Coach

With an insider’s view into the daily struggles of her clients, Faigy will coach you  to recognize your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, and teach you to channel them both to meet the challenges of everyday life with efficiency and confidence. Together, you will develop strategies and solutions to help you stay organised, focused, and calm as you bring peace and stability into your life and home.

Through Focus with Faigy you have found understanding and acceptance of your challenges.  You have found ADHD tools that work.

We have connections nationwide with reputable psychiatrists.  Contact us today. 

We coach  adults, teens and  parents for their ADHD children.

We offer SEN support in schools via 1-1 or group staff training.

We  offer online home and time organising training.  All home and office organising methods are tailored to the ADHD brain.  To find out more visit www.organiseprocom.

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Faigy’s Unique Training

Faigy is one of a handful of UK coaches to be trained by the ADDCA, the most prestigious ADHD coach training school in the world. Faigy is accredited by the ICF, the worldwide gold standard in coaching. She was the first one from outside the USA to train with the See My Time program, an advanced Executive Function skills training program. As only one of a few trained and certified ADHD coaches in the UK, Faigy is the go-to expert for ADHD knowledge and current techniques.

You don’t have to have ADHD to benefit from Focus with Faigy. As an ICF certified life coach, Faigy can help you focus on the important things in your life to achieve your goals.

Faigy has clients across the globe.  She has seen firsthand how her clients have made massive changes in their lives through coaching.

Our Vision

The community-wide stigma towards mental health issues is preventing those who are suffering with ADHD from getting the guidance they need. Faigy’s vision is to change the way the public currently views ADHD. She is determined to contribute her experiences and training to the world and assist those who are struggling reach their potential. Her goal is that everyone who has ADHD should understand that there is help out there, and with the right tools they can learn to manage their ADHD challenges.

Those gifted with ADHD possess massive strengths. Through coaching those with ADHD will finally understand the tremendous abilities that they possess.

Faigy has seen firsthand how ADHD coaching has made a huge difference in the lives of her clients. Through coaching her clients have learned how to channel their ADHD strengths. They have overcome their ADHD weaknesses and are finally living their dreams.

You can change your life through coaching.

Contact Faigy to find out about the unique guarantee that is offered to all clients.

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