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When you master life with ADHD  you will walk on the path towards self acceptance, personal development and work/life balance.
Focus with Faigy and learn executive function skills.

ADHD Time Tools

You will learn to view time in a more concrete way.  You will become more efficient in your use of time.

Balanced Emotions with ADHD

You will become more self aware.   You will recognise the early signs of negative emotions such as anger,  depression, anxiety, and fear and learn effective strategies to get back to your optimal emotional state.


You will learn how to decide which step or activity to carry out during any time.  By doing so you will use your time more efficiently and get more done in your day.

Organised Life with ADHD

You will learn how to de-clutter and  organise your possessions.   You will set up systems for your paperwork in your  office.  By personalising the process, the system will stay.

Decision Making Skills

You will improve your decision making skills.  You will understand how to conquer perfectionism.  You will learn how to move forward with your life’s goals.

Starting & Finishing Tasks

You will learn how to  start projects that are boring or complicated.  You will learn how to break down tasks into small manageable steps, and how to finish the job.   You will learn how to reach deadlines on time with calm and ease.


You will understand how your brain works best, and how to maintain your motivation when things get tough through to the finish line.


Knowledge is power and the key to acceptance. 

People with executive function challenges  due to ADHD can easily be helped. Faigy will teach you how to take control and improve your quality of life with these five steps:


Knowledge is confidence. The more you know about ADHD, the easier it will be to accept yourself for who you are. Feel empowered as Faigy teaches you everything you need to know about ADHD and how it affects your life.


Understanding and focusing on your individual challenges will enable you to set clear goals during your sessions at Focus with Faigy.


Faigy will teach you how to break down your goals and devise clear and comprehensive strategies and methods that will help you meet them based on your unique strengths and weaknesses.

Life Skills

Valuable life skills such as time management, decision making and self awareness will be acquired as you strive to meet your goals. These skills will help you stay organised and focused, no matter what life throws your way.


Changing behavior patterns can be challenging. Faigy will teach you how to keep track of your progress and be there to encourage you and keep you focused on your goals as you revolutionize your life.

Find out how you can change your life today.
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