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Coaching taught me to stay grounded and focused. Through coaching I understood, that as much as I crave lack of commitment and lack of pressure, these ideas are so important in life. Coaching taught me tools to embrace my commitments. The skills I learnt through coaching helped me to grow up and take responsibility of my life.- Etty Hochhauser, USA
My husband and I started coaching to help us give the best tools to our son who has executive function challenges. As the sessions progressed we started to broaden our focus to family dynamics, and household systems. We realised that when family systems are enhanced, our son functions better, and everything in the home runs more smoothly. I thought that incorporating new systems would limit me. That could not be further from the truth. I now feel liberated and better equipped to handle the daily challenges of life.- Lizzie, teacher UK
After a series of Time management sessions geared to my unique brain wiring. I never had such a smooth summer holidays! There was daily flowing routine that was so calming for myself and my children. This last week of the summer holidays I am using to the optimum level before the children go back to school and I start work. I feel so accomplished and empowered, it’s incredible. I can finally look myself in the mirror, and genuinely like what I see! My coaching sessions with Faigy have really changed my life!- Freidy London
Faigy 100% understood my difficulties and why they were still issues after all these years. Our sessions helped me understand how my brain operates and therefore how I can change my approach to tasks in order to be more productive.- Emily Coleman, health worker London
I found the sessions very helpful. I found Faigy to be very knowledgable and insightful to my challenges. She explained about ADHD in a succinct, clear way. The information was very valuable After only 4 sessions in total I have seen changes. I liked her flexible work pattern. Faigy has a storehouse of tools to use in different situations and for different clients and their individual needs. The lessons I learned are like gold dust.<br /> - Angie, Manchester
After a series of ADHD coaching sessions these are just a few changes that I have made. I feel empowered to follow my dreams. I have real tools that work, helping my ADHD son succeed at home and school. I used to let people ''walk all over me''; I have learned how to place healthy boundaries. I have more self respect. My self perception has completely changed, it is like night and day.- Miri Breuer, USA


“You had never met my son, yet you understood him so well. You saw strengths in him that I was not aware of. You put things into perspective. You normalized his challenges, and I realized that his challenges could be overcome.”
Esther Kahn, Israel
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