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The Focus with Faigy  program has helped clients with ADHD  for the past 5 years .  Our team of expert coaches will work with you to help you create your focus and clarity in your life. Banish your overwhelm and start to live the life you can only dream of. You will benefit from our  unique approach.  Hundredns of satisfied customers  have experienced our unique methodology.

The Focus Success Program comprises of The 5 Step Discovery System  allows you to confidently trust each step of the change process.

The best time to sign up is now because you don’t know if tomorrow will exist. The program can be quickly implemented into your life.

The Focus Succes Program  is unique as it can be tailored  to suit your individual needs.

The Focus Success Program is designed to help you to reach your own unique goal, there will be challenges moving from where you are to focused but it has been successful time and time again.

The Focus Success Program offers real value and has been created to offer the best systematic way to get beyond your current frustration and feeling of overwhelm and shame.


adhd coach
Mr Abraham Breuer

Abraham Breuer is  a certified parent and family coach, specialising in ADHD. He received his coaching credential from ADDCA, the gold standard in ADHD coaching. He is certified with the ICF, the  international benchmark in coaching.

With over 15 years of experience working with people from all walks of life, and his personal experiences, Abraham is well equipped to empower you and your child to reach your life goals.

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Mrs Aviva Nirenberg

Aviva Nirenberg is an ICF (International Coach Federation) certified life coach. She has over 20 years’ experience as an educator and as a coach helping individuals overcome their challenges and maximize their potential.  Her motivated clients include professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs, business owners, parents and students from around the world who want to make positive changes in their lives.

Employing a background from positive psychology, a strengths-based approach, and cutting-edge strategies from the field of neuroscience, she helps clients tackle a wide range of issues, including: organization, time-management, focus, overwhelm, productivity, self-esteem and wellness. Her expertise combined with her warm, encouraging coaching style and remarkable intuition empower her clients to achieve their goals, lead happier, more fulfilling lives and thrive.

adhd coach
Donna Hunter

Donna Hunter is a professional ICF (International Coach Federation) credentialed Well-being Coach and Consultant with specialty in ADHD, ASD, Mindfulness and Anxiety. She also has an educational background in Child Studies/Psychology where she holds an honours diploma.

Skilled with a Conflict Resolution Coaching Model focused on effective positive communication that invites peace and connection within relationships she helps her clients achieve harmony in their homes, workplaces, at school and everywhere in between.  Donna also teaches how to positively advocate for yourself and/or your children.

For over 10 years holding a safe space with warmth and compassion Donna has been guiding/supporting individuals and families clear the path forward to create and enjoy thriving lives.

With Donna go on a journey where you will be listened to without judgment, receive consistent guidance and support to get on track

for the life vision you have for yourself and/or your family aligned with what matters most to you.

Donna brings compassion, insight and unwavering support for well-being to families, individuals, businesses and schools.