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We will be taking our meetups online to create Virtual Meetups with IMMEDIATE effect. See below for details.

I know that managing your business or building your career can be lonely. This can be even harder if you are a creative woman with ADHD.  You have so much to juggle. So many demands placed on your time.

If you can lessen your anxiety and overwhelm, that will have a massive effect on your mental health, and emotional wellbeing.

Connect with like-minded women, in a relaxed and informal setting, and get the support from our community to grow in confidence and knowledge, and generate more business.

Meetings are safe havens of encouragement and empowerment. Meet fellow creative women who ‘get’ how it feels to run a business, while managing their ADHD.

Yes, life is challenging, and it is alright to have a moan. However this group is different to other groups. This is a growth mindset group. We are committed to moving forward, onwards and upwards.

This is a  friendly and professional business MASTERMIND group for any creative woman who runs her own business or works in a business.  You don’t need a diagnosis to attend. Meet and connect with other like-minded creative business women.

Learn the ADHD focused tools you need to reach your success.

We will be taking our meetups online to create Virtual Meetups with IMMEDIATE effect.

During hard times we have to THRIVE and find opportunities within them times we are not just going to survive we will thrive!

ADHD business mums need more support  than ever now. We need to join together to banish isolation and worry. I am creating an online haven of  support and encouragement.

How will the meetings work?

Sign up via the eventbrite below, 24 hours before the meeting you will receive an email with the online video zoom link confirmation and password. At the meeting start time, simply click on the link in the email and join the meeting. Please note, there is a zoom app, so you can also join via your phone.

Cant wait to meet you soon!

For any women with ADHD who is interested in setting up a home business, I heartily recommend trying this group. You will meet like-minded women who share similar challenges, and who will support you. ADHD is not an insurmountable barrier. I have been in business since 1998. I have ASD and undiagnosed ADHD and managed to survive without even knowing I had these conditions. It’s great that there is now support out there. Venue very easy to find as well.- Avril Ehrlich, Middleton
Faigy, what an important network, group to create for businesswomen with ADHD. They need support to understand how their executive functions are impacted by their ADHD. Running a business requires a diverse set of skills. It is so important to have a group of like-minded professionals to process together, how to manage their challenges and utilize their strengths. It is critical for the success of their businesses. Congratulations for blazing the trail to build such an important group! - David Gewirc, director of the ADD Coach Academy

Lloyds Bank
42-46 Market St, Manchester M1 1PW

Thursday 23rd January 5pm – 7pm

Plan for 2020 with your ADHD

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Thursday 20th February 5pm – 7pm

Build business momentum the ADHD way

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Thursday 19 March  5pm – 7pm

Paper Declutter Business Tools 

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Thursday 30th April 2pm – 4pm

ADHD Friendly Business Systems

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Thursday 21 May  5pm – 7pm

Your Business Financial Health

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Thursday 25 June 5pm  7pm

How to Store Client Data

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Thursday 23 July 5pm – 7pm

Improve Your Business Efficiency

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Thursday 27 August 2pm – 4pm

Transitioning from Holiday to Work Mode

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Thursday 17 September  5pm – 7pm

Balance Home and Work with Your ADHD 

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Thursday 22 October 5pm – 7pm

Taking Stock – Speed up Your Productivity

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Thursday 19 November  5pm – 7pm

How to Prioritise and Plan for 2021

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Thursday 17 December 5pm – 7pm

Turn Christmas Chaos to Christmas Clarity

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