“Just from one session I really feel my life has gone calmer, I have started the 3 week menu plan that we talked about. I feel that I have more time in the day and in the evenings to do other things, I don’t even know what changed, something changed. I always thought I was a very organised person, but now even more. Every mother should learn these skills.”
Leila Linshe. London


I signedup for The Focus Success Program. It is 10+ years since I have had a peaceful bedroom. I can now see a clean and clutter free floor, walls etc. Faigy has encouraged me to change my view of de-cluttering, one box at a time, and I have started thinking that, yes, I deserve to have a lovely room and can 'waste' things. I do this by justifying my 'letting go' as being an effort I can use to recycle things for the benefit of others; especially the homeless charity that I provide creative/digital sessions for. Faigy's challenging of my 'self worth' is helping me to challenge my mental picture of myself. I am challenging the 'you are weird' picture put on me by others finally and am becoming more accepting of the positive affirmations from others that I have special talents and as a result I am moving towards life areas / work areas that allow me to use these for social good, without undue fear.- Dawn Galletly. Wigan
I used to be extremely tired and fatigued during the day. On the ride back from work I regularly fell into a deep sleep. This hasn’t happened once in the last four weeks. Since I don’t fall asleep during day anymore, my sleep at night so much more peaceful. I can’t believe the change in myself, I now go to work energised. I feel so good about myself. I deal better with people. I don’t just blurt things out like I used to, I think it through. I used to be so unfocused and out of touch with myself, I couldn’t think clearly when I had to be assertive. The inner torment and self-doubt, and overwhelmed feelings have all disappeared.- Miriam Rosenfeld. London
These are some of the changes from The Focus Success Program. I hated unpacking grocery orders. I had to think every time where to put things, and didn’t have enough space. I realised that that was mainly because my cupboards were not organised, things were there just because that was where I had placed them when I moved in to my house. I learnt techniques and rules of how to organise my cupboards from Organise Pro. I had 2 sessions over the phone. I learnt the skills and once I had that I gained the motivation to make the changes on my own. I have such pride now every time I open a cupboard. Every shelf and compartment is clearly labelled which means I need to do much less thinking and can use that brain space for other more important stuff…Another thing I realised was that I am now packing away the washed dishes much faster and easier (unless my mother-in-law came to visit; they would stay on the draining board throughout the week…) now with my new system it’s as easy as a pie to pack them straight where they belong…Thank you very much for teaching me such good, effective and practical tips which I can see will last long!- Friedy Ostreicher UK
We just had bed-bugs in our house!! G-d sent the solution before the cause! My house was upside down – the exterminators emptied draws, etc. and it took over 10 hours to put it back together. Becuase you started me on the path to organizing my house, it was organized before this chaos. So, even when everything was turned upside down, there was a system in place for everything, and hardly anything we had in the house was “extra”. When I organized, I got rid of 40 bags/boxes. Now, I got rid of only 2! There were labelled bins, so everything just had to be put back WHERE IT BELONGED! I don’t think you realize what a much needed service you provide. If we hadn’t done all that de-cluttering and organizing it would have taken well over 20 hours, and I would have been paralyzed with an overwhelming feeling. Now it took 2 hours maximum.- Sarah Lowinger New Jersey USA
Since I began working with Faigy to help me with developing skills, I can see I am making definite progress in the 8 coaching sessions so far. There is still a lot to learn, and I have a long way to go. I am pleased with the progress I am making so far.- Dr Simon Wade, Webinars for GPs
Coaching is a lighthouse for me of how to navigate ADHD away from the rocks.- David Burns, https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-burns-299495/


My wife had a series of hands-on coaching and organising sessions with Faigy. Since working with Faigy she has become much better at throwing away clutter. We have thrown away at least 150 black bags of clutter. She has created more space in our home. She loves the labelling machine. My wife has labelled almost everything in our home!! As a result it is so much quicker to find items and find the home where they should be put back.<br /> Through working with Faigy we have saved a lot of money. We don’t double buy anymore. My wife can found that it is easier for her to see what she owns in the cupboards. As a result she has realised that she needs to purchase less. I am very happy about that!</p> <p>On a rate of 1-5, 5 being highest I would give a 5* for recommending Faigy and her team to others!- Marc and Etty Field, Manchester UK
After a series of sessions I have learned strategies to work with my time management, organizational, and decision making challenges successfully. I feel empowered to finally live my life how I have always wanted to. I had tried other forms of help, nothing really changed. I am now using the skills I have learned to help my son, who has similar challenges reach his potential!!``- David. UK
I am the head teacher. We called Faigy to help us with sorting our school stock room. It was such a mess you could not enter. The total disorganisation was adversely affecting the school as teachers could not get the supplies they needed. We had no idea what was inside the black hole!!<br /> I was really embarrassed to show Faigy the mess. With her non-judgmental and upbeat attitude she put me at ease. She completed the work in the allotted time. 2 years on the systems have stayed!! The teachers are delighted with the results and the school runs more efficiently.- Chavi Kupetz, Beis Malka Girls School, Manchester UK
Coaching taught me to be more focused. I learnt to use my time more efficiently. I used to think that there is simply no way to fit more into my day. I learnt that I can!! My home is more organised. I have implemented routines that fit my personality and nature. Signing up for coaching was one of the best things I have done in my life.- Mindy Deutsch, Greater London, https://www.joeaudio.co.uk/
I attended a series of time management courses run by Focus with Faigy. I gained an understanding of the fundamentals of home organisation. I also learned how to use a planner. This has saved my life! It has helped me balance home and work scheduling.- Shelly Bar Ilan, Therapist, Manchester, shelleytherapy@gmail.com