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When you signed up for ADHD coach training,  and forked out thousands of pounds did you (mistakenly) think that you were signing up for ADHD coach heaven? One client paid $20,000 dollars for various programs and is still stuck, good and proper, and can’t move forward in establishing their ADHD coaching business.

Did you think that your clients would drop down from the sky; they would commit right away; they would have the resources to pay your coaching fee and your ADHD coaching business would expand easily?

The internal challenges that get people to call you are stopping them from signing up!

You may be feeling that you have signed up to a ticket to ADHD coach hell…

Let’s face it, ADHD coaching is largely unknown. It can be very difficult to get clients. Part of your job is educating the ADHD public as to why they need your services.  You need to handle the objections that come your way, such as, “Why am I paying your fee is you have no degree?”

You need a tremendous amount of inner resilience and fortitude to move forward. You may feel (and rightly so) that you need to expend herculean efforts just to keep the wheels turning.

Most importantly, your own internal ADHD challenges are the biggest block to your ADHD coaching success.

You are beyond frustrated. You have so much to give to the ADHD world, wherever you live, but you just can’t access your potential.

You are disillusioned and ready (almost) to give up.

Wait, don’t give up before you read further!

Let me tell you one of the best kept coaching secrets: The best coaching programs do not cover about 35% of the vital knowledge and tools that you need to succeed. Without these tools you will not succeed and you have just chucked thousands of pounds down the drain.

You owe it to yourself to find out more about the ADHD Accelerator program. Give it one last chance. You will be happy you did.

Let’s face it, having spoken with hundred of coaches, many ADHD coaches, and many who are not ADHD coahes, just regular certified life coaches, they face the same common challenges.

I will share with you a little known secret.

Three reasons why the UK ADHD coaching market can be challenging to navigate because:

1. Your potential clients don’t know that you exist.

2. When they find out about you, they don’t believe how you can help them.

3. Here in the UK the mentality is to get things for free.  When your clients have found you, they often don’t want to pay for your services.

If you don’t learn that missing 35%, all your efforts and investment to establish your ADHD coaching business will be for naught.

On a personal note, I live with my daily struggles, and self-made crises. My own internal ADHD challenges are all still there. 

 I have integrated the  ADHD tools that support my personal life and my business. I am moving through my success. I have the tools to help you.

Are you intrigued? Do you want to find out more?

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Eleni Sfiroudis at Eleni Sfiroudis ADHD & Executive Function Coach

Faigy is an incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and committed coach.  I most appreciate that she is able to connect bits from our conversations into action items to keep me moving forward and focused on my own long-term objectives, especially when they may not yet be clear to me.  As a coach myself that recently moved to the UK, Faigy has been patient and meets me where I am, with both my personal and professional goals.  I am most grateful to work with her.

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Rabbi Avi Pollak Success coach at ASAP solutions

August 2019. “I read both of Faigy Liebermann’s books and was so impressed that I chose to sign up for her ADHD Accelerator Program for coaches. Its an incredible program where Faigy works with you one on one helping you gain the knowledge and skills needed to be successful.

I am a month in, and loving every minute of it! You have to work hard but Faigy is there every step of the way guiding you and cheering you on to maximize yourself. Anyone who needs some help getting themselves going and fulfilling the dreams they once had, turning them into reality. Most people  should definitely connect with Faigy!”

January 2020. “I have now completed the ADHD Accelerator Program and I have established my successful ADHD coaching business, something, that was more of a dream in the past. Faigy and her program gave me the knowledge,  know-how, and confidence to push through my fears and move forward.

I am coaching clients, and taking on new clients regularly. I am preparing for a time management workshop for business men in a couple of months and really believe the sky’s not even the limit! Thank you!”

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  • Module 1 – …Grow your business The Sky is the Limit . Set up ADHD friendly business systems.


  • Module 2 – …Find your ADHD Client Niche.  Find out which client niche you are  naturally drawn to. Research their pain and the solutions they need.


  • Module 3 – …The 3 Step PROVEN Client sign-up Strategy.  The complete client call script, What is really holding your clients back from signing up? Find out the main objections and address them within the first 2 minutes of the  sign up call


  • Module 4 – …The 5 Step Focus Success Program to use for your clients. How to create a superb welcome packet. The 11 executive functions. Time mastery tools. Focus and motivation tools. Decision making tools and more…


  • Module 5 – …Social Media Mastery.  How to create great content that will focus on the pain of your niche market. How to go on social media without it overtaking your life. How to generate income from Facebook lives. How to create your own facebook group and use it to get clients.

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